We recognise that sanitary waste service is a vital need in any washroom. If you do not provide this service, the hygiene products can end up getting flushed down the toilets and then this can cause major problems with your plumbing and can become quite costly. Avoid all this extra expense and problems. Don't put it off anymore.

Coastal Hygiene Sanitary Bins contain extra strong granules to help encase the products in a sterilising vapour inside the bin. This eliminates unpleasant odours and destroys bacteria.

We service the bins on a regular bases and replace them with a freshly machine washed and sanitised bin.

Features of our sanitary bins:

Slimline design to fit beside your toilets easier

We service bins at regular intervals.

All bins are replaced with freshly machine washed and sanitised bins every time.

Each bin has strong granules inside, that create a vapour to kill germs and odours.

Easy and friendly, practical and durable. 

Having a sanitary hygiene service in place is not only good for your premises, it is good for your workers, valued clients and customers.

We can cater this service for you on your properties even if you do not live locally. We maintain a number of properties for non-local customers. We are here to service your needs. This is a very quick and friendly service.



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